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Why you should use it:

COL-MET steel landscape edging offers do-it-yourselfer's an affordable, long lasting solution to retain mulch, rock, and stone in various landscape designs. Steel edging is flexible enough for free contoured shapes yet rigid enough for straight lines to create a clean separation between turfgrass and planting bed.

Because it is Powder Coated Steel, Col-Met edging will out last other forms of edging. Being competitively priced compared to other types of edging makes Col-Met a much better value in the long run.

  • Easy to shape and install
  • Stays anchored in the ground, resists frost heave
  • Durable powder coat finish

Col-Met edging makes maintaining your yard and your beds simple and easy. If installed deep enough you may mow over the top of it, if left higher in the ground you can use your trimmer against it.  Typical installation depth is 2-3"

Remember! Stakes must be installed flush with top of edging when complete.

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