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Standard Face Plate with a "CLIP" attached to the top. Make signing "Stone" displays simple.
Special Purpose Sign Holders

We manufacture a variety of special purpose sign holders to satisfy specific needs in your garden center.




"Sign Face Clips" are standard face plates with a tab attached at either the top of the bottom of the face plate.  Popular for signing pavers and stone products.  See image 1 for example.

"Double Face Hanging Signs" are used over the bar or pole that hanging baskets hang from.  Sign holder is then visible from both sides.  See image 2 for example.

"Strip Sign Holders" are made to your specifications and can be mounted to any flat surface.  Maximum length is 4 feet.  See image 3 for example.

"Spring Clip Sign Holders" are standard face plates with your choice of either spring clips or V clips attached to the back to hold the sign securely to various objects.  Spring clips will clip on objects from 1/2" to 3" thick.  V Clips will clip on objects 1" to 2".  1-2 clips can be added to face plates as needed.  See image 4 for example.




Click through the images to the right for examples of the various "Special Purpose Sign Holders" that are available.




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