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How to Install Easy Bend Edging

(Not available at all retail outlets)

Easy-Bend edging pieces are designed to make angled corners between the overlap connectors of two pieces of edging. They can also be used by themselves to make small polygon shaped planting beds. The slotted holes along the bend line allow perfect corners, of any angle, to be formed without tools.

There are two stakes attached to each end of the Easy-Bend pieces. Before starting your installation, put on a pair of work gloves and snap the stakes off all the pieces that you plan to use. Pliers work well for this. You will then have four separate stakes for each piece.

When incorporating Easy-Bend corners into your edging project, be sure to plan ahead where the angle corners will be located before cutting the edging trench. Then follow the normal edging installation procedure.  Make sure stakes are installed flush with the top of the edging when complete.

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