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How to Install Splicing Stakes

Splicing stakes have several good uses.

If you want to join two pieces of cut off edging along a straight part, simply slip the splicing stake over the juncture and drive it down, flush with the top edge.

Splicing stakes can be used to make slight placement changes, such as straight line adjustments before the project is completely installed.

This product is also used in hilly areas to make grade change adjustments so that the edging will contour to the ups and downs of your landscape.

For example, if your line of level edging installation comes to a five or ten percent up-grade, do this:

Use a hacksaw to make a single vertical cut in the edging from the bottom up, leaving about 1/4" to 1/2" uncut.

Then hand bend the edging up to match the grade change.

This will form a "V" shaped opening where the cut was made. Then, with the edging back in place, use a splicing stake to cover the opening.

For down-grades, use the same process in reverse.

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