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How to Install Tree Rings (3 or more sections)

First untape the stakes from the section pieces. There are three stakes with each piece.

Then assemble your ring, in place, on top of the ground. Use the proper number of section pieces for the size circle you wish to make.

The tree ring sections are preformed to make a 3 piece, 3 ft. diameter circle. To make a 4 ft. diameter circle, add a fourth piece to the assembly. For a 5 ft. circle, add a fifth piece. When adding extra sections, hand form the pieces and their connecting tabs open a little to make a perfect circle.

Now with all the stakes inserted at the connections and mid points, tap them down just far enough to hold the ring firmly in place.

With this done, use a Sharpshooter spade to cut a thin trench right next to and all around the ring. Angle your spade so that the ground directly under the bottom edge is open and loosened enough to allow the edging ring to be forced down.

Now pound all the stakes down a little. Repeat this until the stakes are flush with the top of the edging and the ring has been driven about halfway into the ground. Double check to make sure none of the stakes are protruding above the top edge of the ring.

Your tree ring or circular bed border will then be permanently in place for years.  Make sure stakes are installed flush with the top of the edging when complete.

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